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      1. Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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              About us  
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              Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.

              Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was restructured from Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and set up in December 2004. It is located in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. The alcohol ether factory Covered an area of 140 mu, and the EO covered an area of over 220 mu, with the total investment surpassing 200 million dollars now. The company has taken full use of the reginal advantages of the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, and a large amount of materials has achieved the pipeline supply. The complete public engineer of the park ensures the effective operation of the safety production.

              At the present, the alcohol ether factory has several successive production device with its annual general capacity about 400,000t, and it has gained a high reputation in worldwide. The company introduced the advanced technology of the U.S SD company, and successively set up two sets of EO production device with annual 60,000t and 100,000t. The production of EO expends the industry chain, and strengthens the core competitiveness.

              The whole productive process adopts DCS control system, and achieves automatic production. All the automatic control devices level have achieved the advanced level among the same catagories of chemical industry in the worldwide now.

              The principle of the company is "safety production to guarantee and product quality to life". The company carries out the operation principles "make environment protection as its center, the management as its principal line and technical innovation as motivation", and constantly researches and produces good-quality products to step to the new peak.

              Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd.

              Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Zhoutie Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, and it is built in 1998 (the former company was built in 1984). It is the early large-scale alcohol ether solvent production base inland. The company was evaluated as the key new high-tech corporation in Torch Plan several times, the Jiangsu innovative corporation, and evaluated as Jiangsu AAA credit status corporation more than consecutive 20 years. It also identified as the corporation with the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and the safety production standard corporation.

              Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co., Ltd. sticks to be guided by the technology improvement. It aims to serve customers and puts its research and development point at the fine chemicals with high-scientific content, builds "Jiangsu Province Fine Auxiliary Engineering Technology Research Center" to attract the high-end tech talents and cultivate the scientific research group.

              The existing product line contains the special alcohol ether solvent, APEN, HZY basic liquid, TYSi, non-poisonous plasticizer, surface active agent, chemical fiber oil, etc.

              "Tianyin" brand is awarded as Jiangsu famous brand, and its products appears to the everywhere in the word, accepts the praise from users, and gains good reputations.

              Under the new period, the company vigorously promotes the adjustment of product structure, insists the technology and management innovation with its core, tries out to make the company become the new chemical production corporation with good level of resources utilization, strong core competitiveness.

              Dynamic Chemical Binhai Co., Ltd.

              The company was set up in June 2009, located in the Jiangsu Binhai County economic development zone in coastal chemical zone - the greatest potential in the ten petroleum chemistries with covering the location 310 mu and total planned investment over 1 billion yuan. It mainly produces environment friendly plasticizer, water-based coalescing agents, special blocking polyether, medicine and pesticide midbody etc. The company positions the dynamic Binhai as the productive base of high-end fine chemicals.

              At present, the company has three set of productive devices and products, including water-based coalescing agents DN-12, DN-300, environment friendly plasticizer DNTXIB, double alkyl blocking polyether, MAOH, etc., and product quality index reaches the advanced level in the industry.

              Dynamic New Material (Maoming) Co., Ltd. (Under Construction)

              Established in July 2019, Dynamic New Material (Maoming) Co., Ltd. is located in the Industrial Park of Maoming High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Province-level High-tech Industrial Development Zone), Maoming City, Guangdong Province, with a land of ??133,400 square meters and a total investment of over CNY 800 million.
              There are 6 sets of main production devices, including 50,000 t/a of ethylene glycol monomethyl ether device, 20,000 t/a of borate and brake fluid device, 30,000 t/a of double-terminated polyether device, and 18,000 t/a of propanediol ether and glycol ether device, 6,000 t/a of dipropylene glycol methyl ether acetate series device, 50,000 t/a of polyether/polyethylene glycol device. Now, our main products are ethylene glycol monomethyl ether series, borate and brake fluids, double-terminated polyether solvents, polyether series, polyethylene glycol series and so on.
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