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              Dynamic Established Joint Research Center of Fine Chemical New Materials with JiangNan University
              Release time:2017-10-23

              In the 20th of October, 2017, the signing ceremony was held at Lakeside Pavilion Hotel between Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co and Jiangnan University for setting up a Joint Research Center of Fine Chemical New Materials. Dynamic Education Fund donation ceremony to Jiangnan University was also held at the venue.

              Mr. Qinxudong, the President of Dynamic signed the agreement with Mr. Chen Mingqing,Dean of School of Chemical & Material Engineering. Mr. Pan Qinwei, CCP secretary of School of Chemical & Material Engineering, Jiangnan University signed the donation agreement with Mr. Qinxudong, the Dynamic President.

              Madam Li Yan, Vice Mayor of Yixing City, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Jiangnan University, with Mr. Qin Yisheng, President of Jingsu Tianyin Chemical Industry Co ( Subsidiary Company of Dynamic Chemical, its Yixing Manufacturing Base) jointly unveiled the nameplate for the Joint Research Center. Mr. Jiangfeng, Alcalde of Zhoutie Town, Yixing City, Mr. Chu Xifeng, the Vice CCP Secretary of Zhoutie Town、Mr. Jiang Jianzhong, Head of Chemcial Industry of Chemical & Material Engineering School, Jiangnan University、Prof. Jiang Huiliang、Prof. Wei Huixian、Prof. Niu Tengfei, Prof. Ge Xin witnessed the Unveiling Ceremony.

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