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      1. Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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              Jiangsu Province Fine Auxiliary Engineering Technology Research Center

              In 2002, the company founded "Yixing Fine Auxiliary Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center"; in 2009, it founded "Wuxi Fine Auxiliary Engineering Technology Research Center" after reporting it to Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau for approval; In 2010, "Jiangsu Province Fine Auxiliary Engineering Technology Research Center" was approved and founded by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.

              The center has: more than ten laboratories including etherification, esterfication, catalyst development, catalytic hydrogenation, amination, rectification, polymer polymerization and all kinds of formula-type product deployment and the center analysis room; meanwhile, it has been equipped with the multiple sets of synthesis and distillation pilot plants for all kinds of formula-type products.

              The advanced production technology is derived from the strong research and development ability, and the center has ten high-end technicians of all kinds and is equipped with the advanced detecting instruments such as ICP, GC and LC. Meanwhile, the center pays attention to social resource intensification, project selection high-end orientation, research and development management scientification and scientific research achievements industrialization. It has had the long-term good cooperation relations with the domestic famous universities and research institutes such as East China Normal University, Jiangnan University, Nanjing University of Technology, Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Beijing Science Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology.

              The research and development projects have focused on surveying the market factors and technical and economic index assessment, and the key products researched and developed include the multiple series such as EO/PO downstream, special double-terminated polyether, non-toxic plasticizer, acetic acid downstream products and specialty acrylic esters. Nine major scientific research achievements such as glycol ethers and their esters successfully researched and developed successively since the establishment of the center have realized the scale production, and the research and development has provide the powerful support for the enterprise development.





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